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What's Changed in the TCEQ MSW Licensing Program?

What do I need to do to renew my MSW license?

General Questions/Payment Questions/ TCEQ Questions

We have tried to answer as many of your questions as we can.  Still don’t see it?  Contact Us.

1. Does TETC host classes outside of Texas?  Not at this time.

2. How do we host a course from TETC?

The general rules are:

A. Provide at least 12 students. (We will help you recruit students from nearby facilities!)

B. Pick the course you wish to host or talk to one of our Professional Engineers for customized courses.

C. If you are hosting a course, we give the hosting facility free credit for one student if the class size reaches 12.

Talk to Tina (tbow@tetc-env.net) 903-695-0288 to check on instructor availability and special training requests.

3. My state requires renewal hours to retain my license; does TETC provide a certificate to document their courses?  Yes, we provide a simple attendance document at the course and mail a more formal certificate.

4. Why have I not received the mailed certificate?  TETC sends the course certificates within four weeks. If the course has been paid for please call us (903) 695-0288 or email us at info@tetc-env.net and we will straighten it out a quickly as possible.

5. Does TETC guarantee that the courses will make? Sorry, we cannot guarantee that all courses will reach the minimum of 12 students. We will cancel no later than the Weds before, and notify all students.

6. What is the latest time, that I can register for before the course?  You MUST call, if you register less than 3 business (M-F) days before a course begins. TETC must make sure that the instructor has enough books & materials for last minute students. Class Space may also be a problem.

7. Were can I find the course location, Hotel, and Maps of the Course?  All of this is broken down by city on the maps hyperlinks page.

Payments Questions

 8. I distrust giving my/our credit card number over websites, can I phone you instead?  We currently do not take the credit card information over the phone.

TETC also uses the Secure Paypal service for our credit card transactions, to guarantee secure service for our E-commerce Customers.

 9. Do I need to register for a PayPal account to run my Credit Card?   Not at all.

10. Can I pay the course afterwards?  Of course. As long as you make arrangements with us. Some firms actually prohibit payment until after the course has been delivered.

TCEQ Questions

11. Why do I need to pay TCEQ with a money order or check for $111.00? TCEQ requires the $111.00 for the initial testing and/or a $111.00 for the renewal of the license.  This is not included in the cost of the course.  Checks or money orders are made out to the TCEQ.

12. How do I check the Status of my Texas MSW license and the expiration sate?  Check the hyperlink: http://www.tceq.state.tx.us/nav/data/licensed_data.html

13. Do I have to give my Social Security number on the class sign in sheet? No! you can give your MSW license number to receive credit if you have already registered with the TCEQ.  You can find your MSW license number at:

14. How many hours do I need to renew my license?  Both License A and B require 16 hrs.  


15. Do renewal hours require a test?  No but the licensee must pay the TCEQ $111.00, so do not let your license expire!

16. How do I determine my MSW Occupational License requirements?  Click for Requirements

17. Where can I download the latest MSW 328 or 330 rules? http://www.sos.state.tx.us

18. How long does the testing last?  We administer our own tests for courses like waste screening, and few people take longer then 45 minutes.  TCEQ administers their test in an (A, and B) around late afternoon on the last day of the course.  Few people take longer than 90 minutes.

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