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Learning Management System

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Your LMS (Learning Management System) allows you to take all your courses from one convenient location. You get this convenience with a subscription.

Our online courses are developed to meet your safety needs.

Your certificates are held in your account so you can print them at any time.

Signing up for an account is FREE!

Paid Resources

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As new classes come online - they land in your account automatically! So if you started with 7 courses in your subscription account and we add 3 more - you get all 10 for the same monthly subscription amount!


This is the screen where you create an account (if you don’t have one) and where you login once you have an account.

Setting up an account is FREE. If you are a business assigning classes to other individuals, you’ll need to create an account.  Order classes or subscriptions from within your account.

Just a quick peek at what you get in your personal LMS!  You can also access your paid resources from within your LMS account.

Minimum Requirements for Viewing All Classes

IE 9 or Later.  Earlier Versions will NOT work. Google Ghrome.  

Issues with Firefox - not recommended.

Download Chrome

Check IE Version

The LMS will help you achieve the requirement of 30 TAC 335.586(e), 30 TAC 330.125(e) "Training records on current personnel must be kept until closure of the facility and training records on former employees must be kept for at least three years from the date the employee last worked at the facility."

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