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About Us

TETC is the number one Municipal Solid Waste Supervisor Training Provider in Texas. TETC purchased IIED and has rapidly become the largest MSW trainers in Texas.

TETC has merged with Environmental Data Management Systems, LLC (EDMS) to add to its services.  EDMS has developed a compliance tool that is affordable and user friendly.  EDMS is a valuable resource for any company that has recurring compliance tasks. The tool will send you a friendly e-mail to alert the responsible person that a task is coming do.  

The TETC – EDMS team through its 45 years of combined management experience realizes that we are all doing more with less.  EDMS was developed with the manager in mind. Check out the EDMS tool at www.myedms.com.

TETC – EDMS is now offering a Subscription service that includes, MyEDMS, Online Safety Training, and Resources.  

TETC provides a host of environmental services for various types of industries in Texas.

TETC also offers Safety Training to its lists of services. We offer Train the Trainer, 40-hour Hazwoper, 24 hour training as well as several refresher courses.

TETC Specializes in the Following:

 Municipal Solid Waste Supervisor License Training Provider for Texas

 Specialized Medical Waste Training

 Waste Screening in classroom or online

 MSW License Renewal training

 OSHA Safety training in classroom or online

 Environmental compliance training

 Environmental safety training

 Compliance auditing

 Medical Waste Permitting

 Consulting

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